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Millbrae, CA, US

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Sigma is the sum of all your life experiences. It’s a clearinghouse for life’s achievements where you, the user, have more control over how your personal data is used and shared. Your Sigma profile is a compilation of the certifications, licenses, awards, and experiences that define you – all in one place. Organizations (Orgs) give out digital ‘Merits,’ which users enjoy full access to and control over. We’re building more than a verified digital system for achievements: we’re forging a better way for organizations and individuals to interact. We can't wait to see what you do with it.


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Sigma’s backend is implemented in Scala using Finagle; Google Cloud Datastore, Pub/Sub, and BigQuery; Mixpanel; Elasticsearch; Kubernetes; and Docker. Our user and admin experiences are written in modern Flow-typed JavaScript using React. We use GraphQL to communicate between our apps and backend.

We’re looking to hire experienced engineers to join our six person engineering team:

We have no hard requirements but strong candidates will have three or more years of work experience at a technology company, a degree in computer science or a related field, and one or two (or even three) of the following: