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Head of Engineering

Millbrae, CA, US

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Sigma is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented engineering leader to help build and lead our growing team. This hire will help put a strong and scalable technical foundation in place for Sigma to achieve its ambitious goals of helping organizations and people around the world manage and enjoy their life’s achievements and qualifications --  from extracurricular certifications to professional licenses. The ideal candidate needs to have the technical know-how to roll up their sleeves and provide leadership and execution across the organization. Building a team, setting up a best practices, developing engineering plans, guiding execution against a timeline, and sharing their passion for building great products will help to shape the future of Sigma.

This role is an executive role reporting directly to the CEO, and working directly with the company executive team. In this position, they will play a key role in the overall success of our organization by planning, managing, and monitoring engineering functions. This opportunity is best suited to a candidate who is both grounded in process but has a creative eye for opportunities when they arise. They will be responsible for overseeing all engineering projects, processes, and timelines and making any necessary adjustments in order to ensure successful completion -- optimizing for performance and for a healthy, happy, and productive team.

The role will entail: