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Sr Construction Project Planner

Seattle, WA, US

Apply for this job has an exciting opportunity for a Sr Construction Project Planner (internally called a Project Coordinator/PC) to join our growing team and provide leadership in our construction services org.  A PC is tasked with managing the construction process from the time a customer signs a project until the time it is handed off to in-field management to be executed.   Additionally, the PC is responsible for delivering a comprehensive project plan and coordinating important project aspects before breaking ground on the project. Along the way, the PC will work with the customer, designers, subcontractors and vendors to mature the project design and scope, high level schedule, account for all costs, and specify all material selections. As the PC you will own the planning of each project up until it is mature enough to start work.  Project Coordinators must be detail oriented, able to prioritize, and solve problems on the fly, and be able to talk with customers about constructions topics in plain english.

Desired Employment Outcomes

Essential Functions of a Project Coordinator

  1. Transition project from the sales and estimation phases to the planning phase.

  2. Identify project shortcomings and risks before project begins.

  3. Develop comprehensive structured project plan to be approved and in place before project start.

  4. Regularly meet with the customer to drive the designs and project plan to maturity.  

  5. Identify and vet resources to carry our labor tasks

  6. Create and maintain action and next step lists derived from the plan.  

  7. Initiate COs for any scope changes encountered as the plan and project designs mature

  8. Transition the plan to the on site Project Manager for execution.

  9. Provide executive level feedback on overall operational efficiency.

Required Qualifications

Other Required Skills

Preferred Qualifications


Are you qualified?  Are you exceptional in construction leadership and planning?  Ready to make a difference - to see your diligence, expertise and supreme effort pay off (career advancement, improving the industry and company ownership)?  Please take a second to submit your resume below.  We look forward to starting a conversation with you!