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Software Engineer - Lender Collaboration (Front End)

San Francisco, CA, US

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At Blend, we’re dedicated to improving lending. We’re an enterprise technology company, but our product affects the most important purchase most people will make in their lifetime— their home. For homebuyers, our product means a clear, guided path to a new home. For lenders, it means modern, easy-to-use tools that let employees spend their time helping customers, rather than on repetitive, manual tasks. By aligning and modernizing this archaic industry, we believe everybody wins.

We're looking for someone who’s driven to solve hard problems— the harder, the better. We’re motivated by the fact that our product won’t just affect the lives of a few people in the Bay Area— it affects people all over the U.S., not to mention a foundational part of the U.S. economy.

As an engineer on the Lender Collaboration team at Blend, you’ll work on the complex interfaces that our customers use to do their jobs every day, and through which all of Blend’s business passes. This is a full-stack team that owns the lender-facing experience top-to-bottom -- while the work tends to be UI-heavy, many features include backend components as well. Lender Collaboration products include a React Native app (“Lender Mobile”), and a responsive React/Redux/Typescript web app.

We collaborate closely with the design and product teams to ideate, build, and iterate on the best possible experience for the lender. We’re also constantly working to improve our developer experience; in fact, we have a “study hall” morning once per sprint where we take time to dig into something that we’ve been meaning to learn about, whether that’s a library that we’ve been using or a brand new technology that might be useful.

We write frontend features with React in ES6/Typescript. We find that typechecking helps us catch errors earlier, test better, and ultimately ship quicker and with higher quality. Because our app is white-labeled (think dynamic styling), we use Aphrodite (CSS-in-JS) for all of our styling. Our team also builds and owns its own deployment infrastructure and application serving pipeline, so we can ship whenever we need to and have full control over making the delivery pipeline as quick and seamless as possible.
On the backend, we write Node.js/Express in ES6/Typescript, and sometimes Go.
Complete our company-wide onboarding program, Blend U, which will teach you about how we build, test, and release software, as well as give you an understanding of where Blend lives in the lending ecosystem and why what we’re doing is so critical
Ramp up on our tech stack, and likely ship your first feature. Almost all new hires have code in production by the end of their first week!
Spend lots of time with your “Blend friend,” or onboarding partner, who’ll help you navigate our codebase, our release process, and answer any questions you might have
Work with product and design to plan and implement your first fully-owned feature
Spot and fix a bug in production from code you’ve written
Share something you’ve learned with other UI-facing engineers as part of a study hall
Add something to our component library that improves the interaction we have with design and engineering, and people will cheer for you
Review code for both your team members and people from other teams who want to add functionality
Onboard a new team member
Own a substantial portion of functionality in the lender-facing app and other internal tools
Be part of a cross-functional “tiger team” to get an exciting new company priority off the ground

Interview Process
We set high standards for hiring and follow a quick and transparent process for bringing on new team members. Here’s what to expect.

We'll review your application to see if there’s a potential opportunity for you at Blend.

If we think you’ll be a match, we’ll send you a challenge to see how you solve problems.

We'll follow-up with some technical questions over the phone with a few members of the team.

We’ll invite you to meet the team in person as soon as possible.

If the team finds you to be a great fit for Blend, we’ll send out an offer within 5 days (or often, much sooner).