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DevOps Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

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A DevOps engineer is a term used to describe engineers who are comfortable with setting up complex systems, maintaining high availability, monitoring and analyzing logs, ensuring Firewall and Security Groups are tightly set, enforcing Access Control policies, and documenting and automating tasks for easier deployments in the future, Similar roles we would accept are:

System administrator (with orchestration experience)

Site-reliability engineer

Should have a general idea and interest on how complex computer systems are orchestrated on AWS and Azure Cloud. A subset of docker, docker-compose, docker-swarm, kubernetes, Mesos experience required. Power-user experience with Linux or BSD flavors is a big plus.


Python, Bash

Deploying Docker containers on AWS or Azure

Microservice-based architectures

NGINX, Bind, Kerberos, NFS, TLS, HTTPS

The ability to argue fluently about security and scalability

We are seeking passionate, self-motivated people who are ready to get fully immersed into the details of crafting the future of identity management and authentication. We truly believe it is impossible for a group to grow unless the individual members of the group can grow, so we encourage and support all UnifyID employees to participate, collaborate, publish and be open. Finally, it is important to us that you be authentic and be yourself. UnifyID is an equal opportunity employer.