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Generalist Engineers

San Francisco, CA, US

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At Puddle, we believe there's a better alternative to credit than what is currently offered by the financial industry. In fact, we've proved it over the last 10 years through our work with micro-credit and self-financed groups throughout the world. Any community, with a little trust and a good methodology, has more than enough resources to solve its own financial needs.

We're rebuilding the credit industry from the ground up on social networks based in trust. We need you to help us kickstart this revolution.

We are taking on this audacious goal from our beautiful home in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA district. We're surrounded by a carefully curated community of other inspiring changemakers, including an in-house chef who whips up amazing meals and snacks for us throughout the day. We've got funding for years to come from some amazing investors, and a team that's built products like Kiva and Yahoo! Messenger from the ground up.

We're looking for passionate, entrepreneurial creators, hungry to mold the future we want for ourselves. Come build a culture and company with us that makes that happen. We're just getting started.

Generalist Engineer

Why do we need Software Generalists?

Puddle is in very early stage development and we've got tons to do in all areas of our infrastructure. We need experienced generalists who can tackle any software problem, craft most aspects of the product, and integrate new tools and services as needed. With a deep understanding of past systems, the full-stack engineer will help us build a robust platform that grows with us for years to come.

Here are some of the things relevant to us in this role:

Experience building large web applications at scale

Ruby-on-Rails and similar server-side app development

Skilled execution of event-driven interfaces in HTML/CSS/JS

Data management across SQL and other database systems

A penchant for clean design and effective UI

Discipline in test-driven development, A/B testing, measurement

To apply, send us a note introducing yourself and why you're interested in Puddle. Include any relevant links to help us get to know you and your past work: LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, resume, etc.